Part of a City: The Work of Neave Brown Architect

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Summer 2022

Neave Brown, David Porter and Patrick Lynch (editors), Mark Swenarton, Ken Frampton, Tony Fretton et al

Clothbound Hardcover Book

Produced in the same format & size as On Intricacy, Part of a City is the fourth book in our Modern Architecture in Reflection series. It explores the ethos and ideas of the Anglo-American architect Neave Brown (1929-2018), winner of the RIBA Gold Medal 2017. Produced in concert with Brown's colleague and business partner David Porter, Part of a City gets its title from his Gold Medal acceptance speech, when Brown observed: "We weren't making housing, we were making part of a city."

The book brings together his writing and design projects, including his celebrated large-scale urban housing work for Camden Council, and the later project undertaken in private practise with Porter. Along with the other titles in this series, Part of a City is a portrait of a period of optimism in modern architectural culture; it reveals the profound intellectual and artistic ideas that inspired this communal social effort, and is also a portrait of a gifted and unusually articulate architect - someone who continues to inspire a new generation of architecture students today.