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Change is the Reality: The Work of Robin Walker Architect

Change is the Reality: The Work of Robin Walker Architect, Robin Walker, Patrick Lynch and Simon Walker (editors), Clothbound Hardcover Book

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Will Jennings
Past and Future

Past and Future is a collection of essays by the artist, curator and writer Will Jennings, which examines the intense characteristics of buildings, memories and landscapes, contrasting the human world of technology and inhabitation with the geography of Suffolk, Vilnus, London and Rome. Partly a memoir and partly a philosophical meditation on loss, Jenning's writing and art works chart the implicit and explicit connections between ideas, emotions and places.

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Patrick Lynch
Dialogue and Imagination

Dialogue and Imagination brings together a number of conversations between the Patrick Lynch and some other architects, including some of the most interesting thinkers of our age. Participants in these conversations include Rafael Moneo, Peter Zumthor, Joseph Rykwert, Francesco Venezia, Birkin Haward, Tom de Paor, John Meunier, Craig Hamilton, Dalibor Vesely, Kate Mackintosh, and others. These conversations cover wide ground. As dialogues between creative colleagues, questions recur concerning the role of history, drawing and teaching in an architect's life; the influence of literature and painting upon the architectural imagination; as well as the role of certain topics in theology, science and philosophy in imaginative design work. These are discussed with candor, and perhaps an unusual degree of frankness. What emerges, Tom de Paor suggests, is an alternative history of the recent past of modern architecture: a richer, more nuanced, and more honest account than you normally encounter today.

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Alex Niven & Adam Sharr
Newcastle, Endless

"And then, as we brushed the low-lying cumulus, the

whole of the North-country offered itself to us. Towns and

moors, rivers and forests, coasts and lakes. Counties cut

down to size and parochial jealousies ironed out. If ever

there was a revelation of togetherness, this was it. We of

the North were not just town or country or city dwellers.

We were people of a region." T Dan Smith

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Tom de Paor
Previous, Next

Previous, Next is a long prose poem by the acclaimed architect and teacher Tom de Paor, recounting the first voyage of Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, and the human species' obsession with space. Part narrative and part description, the text began life as a series of project specifications for a number of public art projects and buildings. Surreal and physical qualities commingle in de Paor's writing, revealing a strangely latent reciprocity between cosmic and human scales of measurement.

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Paul Shepheard
Slogans and Battlecries

Architects are a controversial bunch. Each new theory is heralded by a slogan that advertises its difference from what went before, piling complexity upon confusion. In this collection of very short essays – he thinks of them as poems - Paul Shepheard investigates the flurries of meaning that the slogans invoke. He also looks at the Building Regulations and the Material World; and uncovers an inclusive theory of architecture, implied rather than explicit, residing in the fragments. Slogans and Batteries is the sixth book by renowned architectural writer and teacher Paul Shepheard, and continues his witty and eclectic investigations into the relationships between everyday life, the human imagination, and the natural world.

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On Intricacy: The Work of John Munier Architect

On Intricacy: The Work of John Meunier Architect

John Meunier, Simon Henley Patrick Lynch (editor)
Clothbound Hardcover Book

On Intricacy is perhaps unusual in that it’s not a monograph, nor is it a hagiography. John Meunier is still alive. On Intricacy celebrates and proselytises the ideas that John has articulated throughout his career. On Intricacy is not a book about him as such, nor simply a book by him, but a book with him, and it reflects his life’s work as an architect and teacher, in the UK and USA. On Intricacy continues conversations between John Meunier and Patrick Lynch that first appeared in Issue 2 of the Journal of Civic Architecture. It also includes essays by Meunier, Lynch and the  architect Simon Henley, as well as new photography of the Meunier House at Cambridge by David Grandorge.

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Still Beautiful

David Grandorge, Paul Shepheard, David Campany and Patrick Lynch (editor)

Hardcover Book



David Grandorge’s work is a type of Reconnaissance. In his photographs of cities, architecture appears as part of a network of reciprocal situations. His landscapes evoke a sense of balanced disequilibrium, of great energy and stillness. Natural and man-made aspects of reality seem to occur simultaneously, almost casually, as if discovered by the photographer in a state of un-selfconscious innocence.

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JoCA 5

Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 5
June 2020

Contributors to issue 5 of the JoCA include Birkin Haward, Ellis Woodman, Casper Laing Ebbensgaard, Dennis Goodwin, Fulvio Orsenigo, Mark Durden and Joao Leal, William Tozer, Jacques Lucan, Patrick Lynch, Matthew Wells, Thaddeus Zupancic, John Meunier, Vittorio Greggotti, Tom de Paor, Rut Blees Luxemburg and Alex Niven.

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JoCA 4 Cover

Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 4
December 2019

Contributors to issue 4 of the JoCA include Peter Carl, Michael Higgins, Tim Waterman and Will Jennings, the architects Kate Macintosh, Paulo Moreira and Stephen Taylor, photographers Peter Finnemore and Jack Orton, and poet Sarah Arvio.

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Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 3
June 2019

Contributors to issue 3 of the JoCA include the architects Francesco Venezia, Alun Jones, David Evans and Peter Youthed, novelist Tom McCarthy, artist Eva Stenram, architectural historian Nick Temple and poet Emily Hasler.

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Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 2
December 2018

Contributors to the second issue include John Meunier, Simon Henley, Will Jennings, Rut Blees-Luxemburg, Herman Bauer (translated by Claudia Lynch), Luis Fernandez-Galiano Ruiz, Patrick Lynch, David Grandorge and Stephen DP Richardson.

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Joca 1 Cover

Sold out
Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 1
June 2018

Contributors to the first edition include Tom de Paor, Johan Celsing, Joseph Rykwert, Laura Evans, Luisa Collina, Cino Zucchi, Indra Kagis McEwen, Andrew Crompton, Michael Badu, Geraldine Clarkson and Simon Walker.

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