Paul Shepheard
Slogans and Battlecries

Softcover Book


Architects are a controversial bunch. Each new theory is heralded by a slogan that advertises its difference from what went before, piling complexity upon confusion. In this collection of very short essays – he thinks of them as poems - Paul Shepheard investigates the flurries of meaning that the slogans invoke. He also looks at the Building Regulations and the Material World; and uncovers an inclusive theory of architecture, implied rather than explicit, residing in the fragments. Slogans and Battlecries is the sixth book by renowned architectural writer and teacher Paul Shepheard, and continues his witty and eclectic investigations into the relationships between everyday life, the human imagination, and the natural world. Slogans and Battlecries is the first book in our paperback series Reflection in Action, which is devoted to the poetic and philosophical writings of architects and artists.